Entire Process Chain:
From preparation through transaction diagnostics all the way to image generation

CM 1510 S.jpg

CM 1510 S

(Leica, Germany)

Value-priced cryostat for routine histology

 Allows rapid freezing and sectioning in multiple thin layers
 Actively cooled
 10-position freezing shelf
 Convenient, on-demand, manual defrost
 Hand wheel lockable in upper position supports protection from injury
     when in locked position.

CM 1850 UV.jpg

CM 1850 UV

(Leica, Germany)

Cryostat for standard applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory

 Fast and smooth specimen orientation with zero-position centering
 Condensate bottle supports a safer environment and increased user safety
 Specimen retraction avoids contact between cut specimen surface
    and blade on the return
 Ag Protect nano silver coating
 Vacum system

CM 1950 Cry.jpg

CM 1950 Cryostat

Leica, (Germany)

Cryostat for standard applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory

 Cryostat with cryo chamber cooling
 Deactivable specimen retraction
 Certified UVC disinfection
 Ag Protect nano silver coating
 Vacuum system

Leica Rotary microtomes

RM 2125.jpg

RM 2125

(Leica, Germany)

Compact, Manual Rotary Microtome for Routine Sectioning

 Designed specifically for paraffin sectioning
 Applications in routine laboratories and provides
 Effortless manual sectioning via a counter-balanced,
 Exceptionally smooth-running handwheel.
 Offering the latest sectioning technology
 Ease of operation and more user safety.
 Wide range of optional accessories,

RM 2235.jpg

RM 2235

(Leica, Germany)

Manual Rotary Microtome for Routine Sectioning

 Designed for manual routine paraffin sectioning
 Perfectly suited for those who expect precision sectioning
 Appreciate the feel and extra measure of control during manual sectioning.
 Long product life and the compact base features a wrap-around
 Magnetized waste tray for space-saving convenience.
 Motorized and manual sectioning

Leica microtomes

RM 2245.jpg

RM 2245

(Leica, Germany)

Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome Leica

 Designed for routine and research applications in histopathology and industrial
    quality assurance laboratories.
 Manual sectioning enhanced by a high-precision motorized specimen feed
 Full-handwheel rotation, manual sectioning or "rocking mode",
 Specially designed for the experienced user who prefer manual over
    motorized sectioning

RM 2255.jpg

RM 2255

(Leica, Germany)

Fully Automated Rotary Microtome

 Reduce repetitive motions
 Fully automated
 Designed for fully motorized sectioning
 Supports a broad spectrum of application
 Two-in-one design concept
 Motorized and manual sectioning

RM 2265.jpg

RM 2265

(Leica, Germany)

Fully Automated Rotary Microtome

 Top-of-the-line fully motorized
 Programable rotary microtome
 Sectioning hard to semi-soft materials
 Section industrial material

Histopathology / Microscopy


 Ordering Information

Section & Specimen Prepration (Leica Microsystem, Germany)

Leica Automatic Tissue Processor
Leica Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor
Leica Cryostat
Leica Tissue Embedder
Leica Automatic Knife Sharpener
Leica Slide Strainer / Immuno Strainer
Leica Cover Slipper
Water Bath

Teaching Microscopes

DM 500.jpg

 Water resistant
 Pre-centered, prefocused condenser (elminates the need of adjustment)
 Safe rotation
 Perfect light
 EZTube™ preset diopter, which prevent incorrect adjustments
 EZStore™ design
 Easy carrying
 Easy lifting and protection against microscope component damage

Clinical Microscopes

DM 1000.jpg

DM 1000
DM 2000
DM 3000

(Leica, Germany)

High-performance Clinical Microscope

 The Ergonomically designed with adjustable features
 Easy-to-use controls adapts to improve comfort and convenience while working
 High-quality optical performance
 Ideal for all clinical laboratory applications
 Advanced capabilities, including fluorescence
 Sophisticated focus mechanism
 Ideal for complex applications in pathology , cytology and hematology
 Optics and contrast techniques, including a fluorescence axis
 The unique, patented, height-adjustable focus knobs

High End Research Microscopes

DM 4000.jpg

DM 4000 B
DM 5000 B
DM 6000 M

(Leica, Germany)

Automated Upright Microscope system for Life Science Research

 Compatible with a variety of user-friendly software packages
 The ideal microscopes for life science research and clinical applications
 Fully automated transmitted-and fluorescence axis
 All microscope settings are saved and displayed to provide reproducible results
 Used for live cell analysis and cell morphology studies
 Option of Bright field, Dark field, Phase, and Polarization contrast
 Smart Touch touch screen (Optional)

Stereo Mircoscopes


S6 Leica

(Leica, Germany)

Comfortable, greenough stereo microscope increases productivity

 Fast inspection for assembly, quality control, OEM and research applications
 Adjustable zoom stops allows fast, easy, repeatable measurements and inspections
 110 mm standard working distance – ensures excellent accessibility to the samples
 38° angle eye tubes - for comfort and convenience

M 50.jpg

 5 predefined magnifications
 Large field of view – 20% increase in viewing area
 Modular product range - allows user to easily configure
 Easy height adjustment
 Ergo tube with 10x to 50x viewing angle – provides easy height adjustment for user

Confocal Microscopes


 The Leica TCS SMD FLCS is part of the Leica TCS SMD Series
 The single molecule detection system
 Highest flexibility in biophysics
 Conveniently combining (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy)
 Common detectors and the identical data format


 True spectral detection with up to 5 channels
 A fully transparent prism disperses the fluorescent light into the detectors
 For brightest images and highest level of details
 High resolution and high speed - two in one
 Clear and intuitive user interface



(Leica, Germany)

Capture Intra-vital Adult and Embryo Images from Macro to Micro

 High resolution plus a large 16mm field of view for in vivo imaging
 True spectral confocal technology provides crystal clear images
 The automated optical zoom system allows seamless magnification adjustment



(Leica, Germany)

High-resolution Spectral Confocal for Daily Research and Routine Examinations

 True point-scanning, spectral system
 It offers excellent quality imaging
 The system is easy to use
 The system offers 488, 532, and 635 mm solid state lasers for excitation
 Predefined user settings, the possibility to store personal settings

Forensic Comparison Microscope

FS 4000.jpg

 The automated comparison bridge provides convenient,
    one-button control of all functions
 Variable Function Keys
 New, colour neutral beam splitter prism in bridge provides
    the highest optical fidelity


 Apo macro objectives are par focal and telecentric to reveal the tiniest detail
 Motorized bridge functions
 Can be equipped with special object mountings including rotary stages,
     large object stages, tilting stages, bullet holders, and various mounts for different objects.


 The system provides split view, full left and right view
 Telecentric APO macro objectives with built-in iris diaphragms
 Variety of specimen